Titanic Movie Review – Marxist Criticism Approach

This article is about a marxist criticism approach of the movie Titanic. this article will show how the two different social classes will react when they are being tested.While she was with third-class passengers, she felt important as third-class passengers welcomed her and treated Rose equally. The next day came, the last day the ship saw more than half of the passengers. None expected that an iceberg would collide and sink unimaginable ships on the seabed. First class passengers were the first to board the boats, while other passengers were locked in their lounges. Cal tried to bribe the ship’s officers at the time, so he could get on the boat as fast as he could. While Cal has already managed to ride a boat, Rose has returned to the ship and is trying to find Jack, who is trapped by Cal’s underline. I managed to save him as they reached the top of the ship but they do not find the boat because the boats are already busy. After a period of time, the ship divided into two parts, then managed to sink completely into the deepest part of the ocean. Jack finds a wooden door floating near them. Pick up Rose and place it over the floating door. Jack then tried to wake up from the door too but the door would sink if he tried, so let Jack Rose go to the door. Several minutes later, only one boat from the ship returned and she happily saw a rose but Jack was already dead due to sea hail.

In line with the Marxist criticism approach, the film clearly depicts the social classes taking place in the world. In all parts of the film, first class passengers are given priority by the whole ship. During the sinking, authorities give priority to first-class passengers and third-class passengers stop to prevent them from attempting to leave. Most of the time, some first-class passengers in the film were critical of other passengers, such as Ruth, Rose’s mother and Cal, who ruled all third-class passengers, including Jack. But when they are tested, it really shows the type of situation they have. Cal who did his best to get the boat safely and thought of saving others. On the other hand, Rose showed the other side to a rich person. Symbolizes that love can change a person’s look. In the story flow, Rose shows how she understood the hearts of the poor and risked her life to save her love. In the end, Jack portrayed the poor in our social attitudes, but he had no second thoughts and saved Rose’s survival without looking at her own life.