Look In The Mirror For The Real Winners

Look In The Mirror For The Real Winners A few weeks ago I finally got to see the O.J. Simpson miniseries starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. as O.J. Simpson. You know, this article is a spin on the words “O.J., look in the mirror for the real killers”. If we really want to get anywhere in life, we must look in the mirror for the real winners. This is exactly where I am right now. It takes wisdom and awareness to see the real winners, it takes bitterness and refusal to find the real losers. What I mean once, I wondered what a successful and simple criminal would be, but it is a “real sale of the soul to the devil”: we must avoid our conscience completely. My mother’s “friend” was also a “successful” friend in the early 1980s. This lesson taught me and taught me well. So, when I say it is exciting and refuse to find the real loser, that’s what I mean: completely transcend your conscience, and you become this loser, and it does not matter makes you “win”. Embrace your conscience and really win, even though you started to lose in the eyes of others.

The other day, I saw a child who went to school with now working as a local bus driver for a large public transport system. They gave me a dirty and wise look, as they watched, (I wasn’t waiting for the private bus that was going on Western Avenue to go on the Imperial Highway in California, Athens, I was off Prairie Lundley waiting for the second bus to arrive in California. This moment also influenced this article.

Oh and transcending conscience “by” all the real losers “proves that conscience is not just something we are told” as children or children. Conscience and consciousness live, breathe and breathe things that need to be nurtured or retreat and die with all harm in existence. The real winner, a person who does not go beyond conscience and consciousness. Look in the mirror for real winners if you can. This is all I can honestly say, and all this I can honestly feel. We have become what we think.